Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nothin' But Blue Skies

This morning I woke up, looked up and saw blue skies. Yes, thanks to our 1979 architecture, complete with two living room skylights - and the fact that I was the den-mother to the cousins' living room camp-out, I did literally wake up looking at the sky. It was a BEAUTIFUL thing. I can't even tell you how awesome. The older I get, the more I value gorgeous weather. Just perfect.

The cousins were camping out because this morning Michael and Michele left to giddy-up along the Oregon coast in their own re-enactment of our experience last year horse-back riding and staying at the Overleaf Lodge. They were "giddy" this morning =) as they gathered their layers of jackets to stay warm in the coastal winds. We all had melt-in-your-mouth pancakes, bacon - and then they took off. Leaving in their wake a family of happy children engrossed in Nintendo DS, Wii, and the Barbie Horse-Stable Set. I'm so happy for M&M - they continuously get hit with obstacle after obstacle in life, many that have never been chronicled in this blog, and yet they keep hurdling them. Hopefully, this weekend, they can just rest in the blessings of each other and life in general.

Last night we all gathered at Olive Garden with the Whites as well, and cashed in accumulated gift cards. We had a clever waiter that enjoyed our large group. It was still a warm-enough day to feel like a spring-summer-on-its-way evening, and its one of those memories that, at the time, didn't seem like much, but will imprint into my mind as a "all-is-well" experience. I love our little family (yes, Whites included).

So, enjoy the beautiful weather, wherever you are - summer is not too far away!

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