Friday, April 11, 2008

Paradise Found

We're here! We made it! Five and a half hours on the airplane later, we touched down into a cooler, showery, windy Maui - but paradise, nontheless.....

Here's some pictures of the kids at the hotel this morning - prior to leaving - with their special stuffed pals-

At the airport, after Stephie bought them each a Webkinz - and Brayden was comparing his monkey's chest hair to Travis'

On the airplane, while Mikayla slept (all in all - the kids were ANGELS on the flight....)

And, FINALLY, at the Ocean Club, while we waited at the pool for the half hour or so while they finished preparing our rooms. The leis were given to us when we arrived at the hotel - and the wait for the room was well worth it. More pics to come on that, but we are all just amazed at the accommodations. Now, if we can just get some steady sunshine tomorrow (and on...) - it will truly be PARADISE!!!!!

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