Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Easiest Birthday Party Yet.....

I knew that if I was going to throw a birthday party five days before leaving the for a major family vacation, I better do something easy. Months ago, I reviewed movies that would be out in the cinema at this time to see if there would be something a bunch of boys would want to go to, but Brayden stepped in and said, I want to do the same thing Tanner did, I want to play Laser Tag.

Okey dokey, I am not above copy-catting the activity done by his buddy in January - sounded easy enough, within our price range - there you go.

We did invitations through Evite - yet another copy-cat thing, very smooth, love the RSVP success - and decided (Hallelujiah) no gift bags, no decorations, - in fact, gasp- his party plates were white styrofoam mixed in with some Duck napkins and forks from the Michigan game last September. No one cared. In fact, as you will note by the pictures, if we were going for atmosphere and ambiance, this place would rank in the negative number range. But, that's not what the goal was - it was entertaining 9 nine year olds - and keeping them busy and happy- and that's exactly what this place did.

Those boys didn't care that the snacks were as simple as chips and salsa, "Cuties" oranges, and licorice vines. Nobody said a word that there were no place card markers, or plastic toys to take home with them. All they wanted was to play Tag, eat snacks and drink Gatorades, play Tag again, watch Brayden open presents, play Tag again, eat ice cream cake (another simplicity - Oreo Blizzard cake from DQ - everyone loved (neither of my kids like real birthday cake) - and no necessity for scooping ice cream) - and play one more round of Tag.

John got some great pictures of just what a dive this place is - and some action shots of the kids in the black and fluorescent maze where they did their firing upon one another......

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Colie said...

This is great! I love it:-). I love the last picture - you just chillin'. Laser Tag and 9 boys - perfect! We will be stealing that idea in about 6 years:-). Also - I love Evite!

Happy Birthday Brayden! Almost double digets:-)