Friday, April 04, 2008

Apology Notes

Yesterday afternoon had me worn out. I picked Brayden up from school and he was whining incessantly about not having a friend over - they are all playing baseball, a sport he chose not to participate in. Get over it, Brayden, the world does not revolve around you - and you don't need to be entertained 24-7.

At 4:00, I had appointments for both of them at Bello to get their haircuts. Mikayla opted to go first so that left Brayden and I sitting in the reception area together. He could not stop making noises for the life of him and I was running out of quiet threats to issue. The blood pressure was escalating. Fortunately, it soon became his turn, and I got a reprieve when it was just Mikayla and I.

We then proceeded to Safeway. Not a good idea. I usually make it a habit to avoid shopping with both of them if I can avoid it because they just get so goofy and obnoxious together in the grocery store. Yesterday was no exception. Playing "Tag" or "Follow the Leader" - it was just embarassing and it stretched every last nerve I had.

When I got home and John called, I told him I was WORN OUT and headed for the bathtub. I detailed the afternoon to him and he was very accommodating to agree to prepare his own dinner. (Well, Brayden was in charge as well - so he only had to supplement to the delicious hot dogs...) Prior to getting out of the blissful bathtub, I noticed the two notes in the picture having been shoved underneath the door. SO SWEET! Amazing how those sweet little notes, and the accompanying hugs and kisses can cover a multitude of sins.

Unfortunately, the kids behavior got a little out of control by the end of the evening - and John ended up raising his voice to let them know it wasn't okay - again. It's hard for them, they know we are leaving for Hawaii in less than a week - Mom and Dad are giddy about it, so are they - so I guess we should cut them some slack. Either that, or lock them in the garage for a while.......and supply them plenty of markers and paper for apology notes.......

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HollieHobbie said...

Have Fun, Fun, Fun in Hawaii!!!!