Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drums of the Pacific

To keep you updated on dear Mikayla's condition - she was diagnosed with Strep Throat this morning by the handy-dandy "Doctors on Call" clinic at the Hyatt next door. The doc was wonderful and it doesn't get much easier than walking along the beach about a block to visit a doctor and get prescriptions to fix her up. I did feel bad, though, that we didn't visit earlier. Even with Advil in her system she was still running a temperature, I have a feeling it got pretty high while we've been here. Poor thing. I can certainly relate - it was during our trip with the Whites to Aruba that I experienced my worst ordeal ever with Strep - I'm amazed Mikayla's held us as well as she has.

The good news, though, is that within a couple of hours of getting the meds in her system, she perked right up. It's great to have our lively little girl back. We do need to make a return trip to the doctor on Friday prior to leaving. Apparently, it's really bad news to make a long flight when you have some major issues going on with your ears (which she has in addition to the Strep Throat). While I'm feeling confident that the problem will resolve itself by then, wouldn't that be just awful to have to extend our vacation a little longer.......

The special event of today, outside of trips to the doctor and pharmacy, was the Drums of the Pacific Luau - also at the Hyatt next door. In the past, John and I went to the Old Lahaina Luau - which was great, but we thought we'd mix it up, and the fire dancing was recommended to entertain the kiddos. Here's my reviews-

Location - gotta hand that one to the Hyatt's - nice to walk and not drive into Lahaina

Food - also gotta hand that one to the Hyatt. Given that the kids and I are pretty picky eaters, I liked a lot of what was served, and so did they.

Everything else - hands down, the Old Lahaina Luau. The Hyatt's entertainment was really kind of cheesy. While we weren't bored stiff, it did seem to stretch on too long. The fire bit at the end was cool, but we found ourselves quite distracted throughout the performance by one of the four male dancers. We nicknamed him "Joe" - he was the obvious "whiter" guy in the mix - the one that has tattoos down his torso. It was clear he was either new to the act, or really bad because the entire show had him stiffly going through all the moves, usually a beat off, and constantly watching the other guys to see what to do next. If he was cute, you might be able to forgive him, but honestly, the expression on his face and the way he moved were just downright creepy. Too bad, because the other three were pretty entertaining, but somehow, you just couldn't help watching this dude. It was, I suppose, kind of entertaining in its own right.

I think we're officially done with the luau thing for the foreseeable future. Been there, done that - it's nice and all, but I just don't think it will be worth our money and time the next opportunity we ever have to return. Too many other awesome things to do.....

The whole gang, semi-coincedentally matching in attire color-

What a good-looking couple.....

The traditional roasted pig-

Props to Mikayla for volunteering on her own accord to get up on stage and learn to hula. Yes, certainly feeling better to be willing to do that!

"Joe" is the one on the right-

And, finally, the most entertaining part of the evening-


StephieAnne said...

Good news - Mikayla is feeling much better - she can't stand the amoxicillan and actually gags, so we're switching to a pill prescription, but she's totally rebounded.

Also good that we took family pics yesterday - as today BOTH Brayden and I woke up with Pink Eye. Glad that sunglasses are worn 24-7 here, but for Brayden, that means no contacts and glasses will be a pain for him. Bummer. At least it's not painful, and my wonderful doc already has a prescription ready to pick up.

We sure are a kooky vacation family - it's always got to be something....! =)

Dieta said...
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