Monday, April 28, 2008

Target Therapy

I just returned from Target with the kids. Doing any sort of shopping with the kids is not what I would usually consider relaxing or in anyway therapy (particularly both of them together) however, when we stumbled upon the seasonal summer aisles, I felt my "giddy" level increase dramatically. There's something about all of the ideas of what could be for the summer: luau parties, bar-b-q's, afternoons with bubbles, evenings making s'mores - and lots of activities involving sunscreen and makes for lots of happy endorphines. Any summer activities you find yourself particularly daydreaming about?


Colie said...

being outside - fishing at the river - swimming - playing in the sprinkler (I think Tana will love this!).

I also started looking at ski boats on craigs list. This is humerous because it will be several years from now but I'm dreaming:-).

HollieHobbie said...

Taking the kids to VBS then going for coffee! haha just kidding. My sister and family are coming out for a month this Summer so I am already planning camping trips, ice cream socials, drinks on the deck, and yes, VBS, except the one in particular is called Godprint and it is a waaay cool artsy VBS.
You now have me very much in the mood, Steph!

JustMe said...

Swimming pool in the yard, blankets on the grass, catching bugs, riding bikes, just plain driving around with the windows down!

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