Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Globetrotters for the Boys

John forgot his camera when he went into the Rose Garden so a kind lady took their picture and then sent him a lot of pictures. Bless her soul, now I'll have something to make a scrapbook page out of (in the year 2017 when I finally get around to it!).

Needless to say, the guys had a GREAT time. The Globetrotters ran their classic stunts and pranks - including "getting pantsed", which, of course, Brayden thought was a riot. They were one row higher than those picked to participate on the court, but John felt like he definitley got his money worth in their seating assignments.

John has been told often that he is the kind of person where things happen to him all the time because he just happens to be at the right place at the right time. Through in his very charismatic personality and power of influence, and I would tend to agree that that can often be the case. After the Globetrotters game, just such a thing happened.

Brayden chose to have lunch at the Applebees right across the street from our hotel - right off the freeway at the 217 exit. Prior to the game, John had purchased a Blazers jersey at the Addidas outlet to wear at the Rose Garden. We are not huge Blazers fans, but it seemed to be fitting attire and something Brayden could wear frequently when he plays basketball. While they were eating, the manager came over to John's table and asked if Brayden would like an autograph. John was a bit confused, "why would he want the manager of Lake Oswego's Applebee's autograph?" - However, the confusion was quickly clarified as he pointed over to a nearby table and explained that seated there was Zach Randolph - the very name of the Blazer player Brayden had on the back of his jersey. No way! So, Brayden got his jersey autographed right then and there-

Overall, the boys had a blast - major male bonding!

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