Thursday, February 08, 2007

Facing the Giants

Gotta give two big thumbs up to this movie. Let me, however, give a disclaimer that we are not talking Oscar-winning acting perfromances here. But, give yourself 15 minutes, and I think you'll find yourself as sucked into the stories of trials, tough decisions, and faith just like we were. We had our kids join us for the last 20 minutes, and that was just about perfect for them to catch on to what was going on and really enjoy it. Lots of tears moments in this movie - so be prepared!


StephieAnne said...

Thought I'd add- that, on his own initiative, Brayden took the DVD and asked to watch it on the laptop (with headphones) while we watched Survivor - he watched the whole thing intently, and had lots to say at the end about his favorite parts and characters. Don't miss watching the extras - particularly the "Behind the Scenes" - talk about God at work doing something huge with people willing to follow his lead!

Colie said...

Just finished it. Um, well - I don't have as many positive things to say about it as you do. I teared up a bit at parts and I understood the point.

BUT - like most Christian films I feel like it taught me "if I trust God everything will work out the way I want". Even if I say I will praise Him regardless - it really does turn out.

This is not reality.

Glad it promoted discussion in your family though!

StephieAnne said...

I definitely get what you are saying, I think that's an important thing we'll have to address with our kids about this particular movie. However, when I watch movies, I crave happy endings, otherwise I end up feeling quite dissatisfied, so this one fit the bill for me.