Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pushy Sarah or Pouty Ahab?

If it weren't for committing several months ago to being a table discussion leader, I would have just bagged it. But, I did make that commitment, and along with it, made my friends promise to accompany me, so last night, we all showed up at Camp Harlow for our church's annual Womens' Retreat.

Right now is "free time" - so Michele and I are hanging with Stephie at her house - chilling, reading, and watching the Duck game. I'm enjoying free time!

Our speaker, Poppy Smith, is primarily addressing our views and attitudes about ourselves, others, and God - and how to transform them into allignment. Today, she shared about specific characters of the Bible and I thought it was pretty good, so I thought I'd list the info here and see if you could relate to any of them.

A character that takes matters into her own hands, impatient, controlling
- filled with frustration at God
- focussed on what SHE wanted
- failed to consider negative consequences (the results of her actions have become the reason for the war and tension we currently see in the Middle East)

A pathetic person filled with self pity and self centered
- focussed and filled with self-pity
- focussed on "life is unfair"
- failed to consider others

He had it all, but still wasn't content
- filled with pride and self-importance
- focussed on what irritated him
- failed to consider all he had

During our discussion time, we were asked: "What Bible character do you relate to most?" I see most of my negative ways most coinciding with Sarah - I love to plan and am guilty of trying to take care of things my own way versus waiting to see what God has in mind. However, if there was a label for MARTHA (Luke 10: 38-42), that is definitely who I would most relate to.

Certainly no pressure, but if you have any opinion or insight on all of this, feel free to share!


HollieHobbie said...

I am soooo Sarah too! And Martha....but I am trying to have a "Mary heart in this Martha world"

StephieAnne said...

I just wanted to give Amy W some major kudos for her gift of leading worship at the retreat. I just love her choice of songs and style of leadership - truly, the songs of worship in the third set were when I felt closest to the Lord at the whole retreat - thank you Amy!

Anonymous said...

It would have to be something like "Martyred Martha," wouldn't it? And yeah, that's me, telling the kids I can't play a board game because I have to do laundry and pick up their toys because {sigh} they are bad, dirty children and I am their longsuffering mom. :)