Sunday, February 11, 2007

Organization Update #5

I'm telling you, this accountability thing is totally working for me. It's been a bit since I've addressed the organization thing, and there's definitely a reason - I haven't done anything! So, knowing I needed to post about it again - I had a "Sunday surge" - I weeded through my closet, Brayden's closet, and our fridge. The general rule of thumb for me was, if it hasn't been used in over a year - it's time to go (and yes, that included certain contents of my fridge!!!! - ahhhh!) I'm well aware that I do not need to buy anymore garlic paste, worcesestire (sp!) sauce, and coconut, those are all ingredients I've bought at the store for certain meal items and didn't bother to check if I already had plenty......

I read through February's Woman's Day magazine today, and they also have some great tips on organization...... Here's a sample pertaining to kitchen organization-

REDUCE DUPLICATION: You need just one or two muffin tins, not five. Do you have four spatulas - and always use the same one? More isn't better.

GET SERIOUS UNDER THE SINK: Toss cleaning products you don't use. Keep one all-purpose cleaner, not 4 different brands.

PITCH THE LOSERS: Get rid of damaged pots, chipped dishes, stained or warped plastic containers and orphan lids, plus dishes and pans that don't fit into your oven or fridge.

ASK, WILL I REALLY USE THIS? Admit it: You won't be using a cotton candy machine or electric knife in this lifetime. (Unless you are Hollie - I know she really did use a cotton candy machine!) Ditto for the Spiderman cake pan you used for your son's seventh birthday (four years ago).

KEEP WHAT YOU LOVE: If you enjoy using Grandma's battered old red mixing boal, keep it and give away the modern, matching set.

CLEAR OUT: Finished? Take your junk pile straight to the trash and move everything you're donating out of the kitchen to deal with at another time.

Good luck everyone on all of your efforts!!!!


HollieHobbie said...

Look at you go, girl!!!! Where is your family during all of this? I bet you feel like such a load is taken off. Good for you, Steph! Yes, we use "those makers". This week we are using our sno-cone maker and smore maker in Emma's classroom for their Valentine's party.
Thanks for all the helpful hints! I am reading a book by Marcia Ramsland;

StephieAnne said...

When I was cleaning out the fridge, Michele and the kids were over and we were preparing lunch. It was the biggest lunch they've had in a while, "Want some pickles with that? How about another "Danimal"? Some sugar-free mini-jellos for dessert? How about some left-over grapes?" Quite funny. Hollie, these are accomplishments for me, but really, there is a desperate need and I've barely scratched the surface. Feel free to share any wise insights you've gained from your reading!

stephietoo said...

I started on the den. I have weeded through a bunch of stuff in there, but it now looks like a tornado hit it instead of it being in nice neat piles alongside the wall. As soon as I get the den cleaned out, I am going to tackle the filing cabinet. The first two drawers are as organized as they can get (I have tabs on each hanging file folder for each of the bills, important documents, house stuff, etc.) However, the second two drawers are a mess! Once again, the tornado hit the bottom two drawers. So, as soon as I get the den cleaned out, the filing cabinet is my next big task.

I love this Stephie, it helps me keep tabs on myself too!