Sunday, February 25, 2007


I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. So has John, Brayden, and Mikayla - but for two very different reasons. About 6 months ago, John discovered that the Globetrotters would be coming to Portland. It was at a time when Brayden was showing a lot of interest in basketball so John made a special effort to get good tickets for them both to attend. At the time, I figured, Mikayla and I would have some special, "stay at the hotel" bonding time while they were out - perhaps catch a movie.

However, over New Years I discovered that the "Broadway Across America" version of "Annie" just happened to be occuring on this very same weekend as the "Globetrotters". I was kicking myself at the time for not puting two and two together, and most especially for not calling in for tickets on the first day they were released to the public (as I had wanted to go all along anyway). I had to put my faith in "Craigslist" and pray for the best.

During the snow days of January, I did happen to see a post on Craigslist - and yes, I scored those tickets. Mikayla and I would be attending the evening performance of "Annie" on the same day John and Brayden would be watching the 2:00 pm "Globetrotters" game - what an awesome day for us and our kids...... There's actually been a countdown going on at the house, "3 more days 'til 'Annie/Globetrotters'"...... it's been very special.

I have to say, my anticipation has been in the rafters. I love "Annie" - particularly the music..... The idea of gussying myself up with Mikayla, having a special dinner out with her, and watching her eyes as she takes in the perfromance has had me near tears just thinking about it. In fact, as we curled our hair, I downloaded 3 of my favorite songs from the musical and yes, cried, while Annie sang, "Maybe"....

And, of course, the enthusiasm level of John and Brayden has been way up there too.... I think it is so awesome that the whole family is so excited about two totally different events and not jealous of each's others in the slightest. I'm going to close this particular post now, and then have John type up his experience and I'll type up ours.....

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HollieHobbie said...

aaawwww soooo cute! What a wonderful memory for you and your daughter! And btw: I never would have tried to navigate Portland! Way to go!