Thursday, February 01, 2007

Organization Update #4

First of all, kudos to Stephietoo who took her organization talents to her sister and has been organization crazy in her home. you're an inspiration.....

Second of all, I'm supposed to ask, Lisa, how are you doing with Adam's room?

Hollie, how's the year's goal going in general?

OK, on to the update. It was a slow start to the week - I managed to clean up Miikayla's hair stuff (there's a lot of it...) a bit, and took care of Brayden's video games. Then, I got motivated yesterday and really went through Mikayla's closet and cupboard - Mikayla has the benefit of being the smallest among her friends, so she is the recipient of multiple hand me downs. Combine that with the fact that Mikayla has been a slow grower and I tend to buy big - and her closet was, shall we say....embarassing. So, I took out at least a third (perhaps half) of the stuff that never gets worn or has finally been outgrown - and, whew, much more managable. A big achievement for me.

While waiting 40 MINUTES in a practically empty office for Brayden's "quick follow-up" eye appt. (5 minutes longer and I was prepared to make a scene.....) I read throug February's BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - They had some fantastic organization ideas - particularly linen closests and such. It might be worth picking up.


HollieHobbie said...

why everytime I write a very long comment it never goes through, making me re-write it?????
Anyways, re-cap: my day: pre-school, lunch with Pete, sat down to read "Simplify Your Life", fell asleep. But I have had an excuse for love sac, book, and fire days....sickness for two weeks!
So you are a complete inspiration, Steph! Maybe this accountability will get me going. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Umm...nope. But I did buy a little spot cleaner machine after Tyler tracked dog poop through the house after his birthday party last Saturday (yeah, I almost burst into tears when it happened), and now I have to laugh at the 2-shades whiter clean spots on my carpet! Oy vey. I guess I'm gonna have to rent one of the big machines.

I did clear the paint can and various painting tools off of my dryer to I'm not knocking them on the floor everytime I move laundry. But the room in general is messier than ever because I cleaned for the bday party by dumping the Goodwill box, etc. in that room! It's starting to bug me more and more, so I'm getting closer to reaming it out. I think.

Congrats to YOU for tackling one project at a time and getting it done! I'm not worthy...

StephieAnne said...

Oh, Heather - so relate to the dog poop issue. One of the first night's we had Mackie, I let him sleep in Mikayla's room, and apparently the food that he had been sharing didn't set well with him. There were two piles - and tracks from where he had walked through all over Mikayla's off-white carpet! Bad morning..... I dumped water laced with oxyclean on the spots and picked up the mess, but have big streak marks from where I poured the water over the spots and the Oxyclean made the color lighter than the rest - it looks horrible!