Thursday, February 15, 2007

Family Updates

This post is for those keeping track of the Riley kiddos and family and will serve as an update to past posts I've written.....

1. Mikayla's Night Terrors - We had another one Tuesday night. It was after I brought her home from Steph's, and she woke up disoriented in her bed. So, we know that there's a correlation with Steph's house (ha-ha - just kidding Steph), actually, that it often happens within the first hour of falling asleep. This one didn't last as long. John told me yesterday that there is actually, according to one psychologist, a high rate of improvement if you provide rewards to children for not having the night terrors. Seems a bit unfair, but it seemed to work for the gal John was talking to about it. Apparently, sub-consciously, kids will seek the reward vs. slipping into the night terror..... hmmm, I'll have to see it to believe it, but I guess it couldn't hurt.

2. Brayden's "girlfriend" - Yes, he and Ally are still an "item" - made official by the "contraband candy" that Ally went out of her way to give to him on Tuesday. Sadly, Brayden dropped the ball yesterday in his attempts to give her his gift (also contraband candy). This prompted a "forced by mom and dad" evening phone call to Ally last night by Brayden to assure her that, yes, he did have something for her, but missed giving it to her afterschool. We've got to get it through to that boy that you can't leave a girl wondering......

3. John's vehicle - Yes, it did get sold. Vehicles are such a practical thing for me. I like the color red, so if it is that, has the minimal bells and whistles and fits my family, I'm good to go. It's a much more personal thing for John so driving the right vehicle is like wearing clothes that make him feel good about himself. Don't quite get that, but I definitely understand the clothes analogy, so I choose to go with it and support him. He's the bread-winner of the family and has done an excellent job, and I also understand the vehicle choice is a bit important in his line of work in dealing with dentists who very much value status. So, as he pursues his purchase of another vehicle, sigh..... help me with my patience. I basically told him he's going to have to consult with his "other spouse" (aka, best friend, Travis - Steph's hubby), because I just can't deal with it all.

4. To both sets of Grandparents and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura - a big thank you for the very special Valentines Day cards and money/candy that was given. The kids felt very loved by all of your attention!

5. Trampoline and back yard woes - All of the equipment has arrived, we're just awaiting the next free and non-rainy day to commence installation and repair. Those happy dog days of destruction are very limited!!!!!

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