Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Couple of Questions LVIII

Yeah, it's March!!!! Jodi, I'm sure you and I are among the folks celebrating the most!

Kind of lame questions, but, oh well.

1. What are you most looking forward to in the month of March?

2. As the weather SLOWLY gets warmer and drier, what are you most looking forward to doing outside?


StephieAnne said...

1. A day of indulgence during spring break for Stephie's b-day - and, getting our back yard finally put back together again and looking nice.

2. Family bike rides

HollieHobbie said...

1. Spring Cleaning. No more S.A.D. Finishing projects so that Summer is carefree and by the pool.
2. Landscaping and oh do we ever have landscaping!

JustMe said...

1. Daffodils blooming ~ we'll have to take the drive down Hwy 99 near Halsey to see mile after mile of yellow along the roadside.

2. Puttering around in the yard, pulling weeds, etc. while the kids play. Talking to the neighbors over the fence.

LiteraryGirl said...

I was doing a little happy dance today when I saw the date, and I was trying to tell my four-year-old why I was so excited. March! Finally! Even though it is cold, just knowing it is March fills me with hope that there is warmth and flowers out there somewhere...

1. A lot, actually. Probably #1 is the couple's retreat Aaron and I are attending. Two nights away with only grown ups? Madness. I'm looking forward to two trips to the Valley, one to Portland, one to Seattle, and Aaron's Birthday.
2. HIKING. There is so much more we are anxious to explore in our new little neck of the woods. We are going to get a book on hiking trails and slowly make our way through it. Also, I'm looking forward to more bike rides, my favorite family activity.

Colie said...

1. Getting through my last month of pregnancy!

2. Meeting Tana and letting Caleb out to run! Walks in the sunshine!