Sunday, February 18, 2007

Amazing Race

I know, I know - a lot of tv references lately - the new shows in the dead of winter definitely help me get through the long nights, particularly when the shows are just plain fun. Among that category of good shows to watch is "Amazing Race". We watched it way back when it first began, and really enjoyed it. Since then, my viewing of it has been hit and miss. I might have good intentions, but miss a few episodes and therefore give up on it. So, this year, I'm dedicated. It's ALL-STARS and I have a certain guilty pleasure in rooting for the infamous Rob and Amber. Yes, they are a bit ruthless, not always nice, I know - but, they are endearing in their own little ways. There are a lot of fun characters to root for this season - it's good viewing this year. Also, I definitley enjoy this show for the exposure to all sorts of different places around the globe - they beauties of places so remote and the revelations of cultures so different from our own. I feel like it's an enjoyable geography lesson each week.

So, any "contest/reality" shows you are tuning into this season? Any early favorites that you are rooting for?

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HollieHobbie said...

I like American Idol. That is really all the reality tv that I watch and the only reason I got into it is because the rest of my family likes it and we watch it altogether, placing wagers etc on who will win.
But I do watch alot of tv, just not much reality. Pete, on the otherhand, loves the reality thing! and gameshows.