Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Date with Grandma

When my parents returned from Maui, we all went out to Red Robin and had a nice time catching up. However, somehow, over the course of the evening, Brayden and my mom got into a conversation and Brayden, being the witty little man he is sometimes, insisted that Grandma owed him a date. I'll need to get the fine details of this (it might mean re-editing this post), but it was something funny nonetheless. Grandma doesn't take lightly to challenges, so she worked at coming up with something that would be extra-special to Brayden.

That took them to Glow Golf at a local mall on Sunday afternoon - just him and her. Glow Golf is aptly titled as everything is lit up with that sort of blacklight that makes white look like its, well, glowing. I've never been before, but I'm taking their word for it. Apparently, Mom and Brayden had a blast and came home with two free passes (a great thing as that place isn't exactly cheap), because Brayden made a "hole-in-one" on the final hole twice.....way to make the shot when it counts, buddy! Grandma would like me to report that she also made a hole in on, just not on the last hole.

Thanks Grandma for taking Brayden out on his very special date - it's a memory he will cherish!

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stephietoo said...

That is too precious. I have seen that place a couple of times and wondered if it was fun or not. What a fun time for Brayden, and Mom!