Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Needed This.....

It's a weekend away - we're spoiled for the next two weekends, opportunities that happened to coincide week after week on the big calendar. This week, we're cashing in on a trip to Sunriver that we bid on with Travis and Steph at Camp Harlow's Auction. It was a rough end of the week trying to prepare to leave (waking up at 4:30 on Friday, headache booming and sinuses screaming from a cold) - it made me just want to bag the trip. But, of course, we wouldn't, and the day has been full of blessings - these being a few:

- listening to the birds chirp and watching them flit around a magnificent blue sky
- sitting in a hot tub while frost blanketed the ground
- getting really absorbed into a good book, enough that I'm not really interested in cruising the internet for entertainment
- a day void of rain - a day that reached the mid-sixties, in which I was absolutely temperature comfortable in a tank top and cardigan......a day that promised spring will make it
- planning a birthday present for my Stephie that will end up being a day of indulgence in March and will also include me =)
- going bowling, the six of us, making a strike the first frame and the following 8 having only one number for each frame, either because I fouled (never dealt with that penalty before) or guttered the first or second ball - I did, however, finish strong in the 10th frame with a spare, giving me the chance for one more throw - resulting in a strike. I'm such a silly bowler. We all left agreeing we all need to do this more often!
- having the last minute thought to pack the red "playground ball" which has allowed for wall-ball touraments in the garage perfectly made for wall-ball - and a bonding time with my son learning to play the game with him
- going for a brisk 30-minute walk with Steph, breathing in the pine air, relishing the beauty of this place

With all this said, there's a very good chance of snow tonite, so I may very well be thrown back to winter before I know it. But, God knows, my soul needed today - Thank you!


StephieAnne said...

Stephie wanted me to point out that she also scored a strike on the first frame - before I did. I think she overcame her issues with bowling yesterday, although she still feels she could work on her total score a bit as Mikayla did beat her.....

stephietoo said...

Yeah, everyone beat me! Next time I am going to opt for the bumpers.... It was a blast though. Thank you guys for such a great weekend away! We love you!