Sunday, August 06, 2006

Waterslides, Ziplines, and Treasure Hunts

On Thursday, a group of us headed north to the Osborne Acquatic Center. Most of us had never been there before, but Michele had great things to say about the place. Sure enough, it was a huge hit. However, if you have smaller kids, I definitely recommend going on a weekday before 1, during that time, it's a swimtime for children 8 and under. Given that all our kids fit that description, I think we were wishing we'd done that, as the "Lazy River" was anything but lazy with all of the rowdy teenagers playing tag in it. (We'd probably have been doing the same thing if given the chance at that age, so I can't blame them). It was a very busy day - and since I spent the night - busy the next day too. By Saturday morning, when I woke up prior to 6, I actually chose to go on my own to Walmart nearby to pick up a few things, just to savor the slow pace and peace of being alone. I'm going to try to use captions to describe the other highlights of those two days.

Here's the place - you can see why little kids would love it....

Floating on the Lazy River

Here's Traig going on the newly upgraded zipline - what a rush!

This is Mark and Christina - I thought the picture did a great job of showing the view Michele has to deal with every day

Here are the kids at the firepit (next to the zipline) anticipating a Treasure (Scavenger) Hunt that Michele put together

Here are the kids, traipsing all over the property looking for clues
Thanks Schillings - you were great hosts!!!!

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