Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I find myself a little introspective tonite-

I had a busy day shopping for school supplies and going to the mall with my friends where there was a little back to school shopping done as well. Then, thank you Lord, I was able to see my mom and have her provide some intensely needed massage therapy.

The great thing about my mom is not only is she amazing at "fixing my broken body" - and boy, did I need fixed - the last couple of days haven't been pretty - but, my mom is also an amazing listener. She doesn't judge, she knows me and my life very well, and unlike my body, she doesn't try to fix my emotional problems - she just listens.....and provides just what I want to hear in response. (And, just as a follow-up, my mom's ear looks amazing - in a few more weeks you'd never know that it was cut in half....)

I've been exposed to some situations lately and talked to friends who are dealing with it - of "unlove". It may or may not be intentional, it may appear like blatant rejection or subtle apathy or disapproval - but, to me, it's just ugly.

A couple of years ago I found myself in the middle of a conflict between two people I cared about. One day, the grief of the situation literally brought me to my knees. I stood in the middle of Michele's property sobbing - I felt overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit who commanded me again and again to show love. I had no right to withold it from anyone, as directed by God's word - that's not a choice I could make. Loathing, total apathy, bitterness - we don't get to keep these emotions if we are abiding by God's Word. It was quite a day - I was so impassioned, and spent a tremendous amount of time with Michele researching and discussing Scriptures that instruct us to love.

I've thought a lot about that day as I've encountered these latest situations. I guess, the best I can do, is try and live by those instructions myself - I sure can't change the hearts of others, but I CAN work on my own........

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stephietoo said...

Travis asked if you were talking about me. :o) He is so funny!

Fun! Shopping for school supplies, I really miss those days. Next time don't forget me! I would love to go school supply shopping with Brayden and soon Mikayla.

Travis went to see your mom last night too, and boy did he ever need it! I thank GOD every single day for Mom. Travis and I are so blessed to have been "adopted" into your family. Travis is actually going out on the boat with Dad on Saturday to check it out.

I am so sorry to hear that you week hasn't been too pretty. Just know that you always have a friend in me, and I will always love you!!! (even if you don't have another baby)

I will see you tomorrow! Love ya!