Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXXII

Today's a "down day" - lots of messes from 7 kids running around the house, but it's worth it for Lisa to finish up VM Season 2. Here's the questions-

1. Name three "situations/scenarios" that are sure to make you irritable.

2. What is a food that you never liked growing up but you like now?


StephieAnne said...

1. Being sleep deprived, being very hungry, running late.

2. I never enjoyed Mexican food growing up - as long as it's mild - I enjoy it now.

HollieHobbie said...

1. Along with the three that Steph mentioned I find I get most irritable when I am being selfish
2. I don't know if even when I was younger that I disliked many kinds of food, maybe brocolli and spinach-I like those now. My kids will have a long list when they get older as long as they start liking food then.

LiteraryGirl said...

1. Other people running late. It REALLY bugs me when people are late and they had the control to NOT be. In other words, if it's not their fault, I don't get irritated, but that is rarely the case. I also get irritated when I order food and the person doesn't write down the order, then it comes and it is wrong. I get irritated driving often. I should stop now because I could go on and on and on...
2. Spinach. I just started eating it very recently. All I remember not liking when I was growing up are peas, root beer and slurpees, and I still don't like any of those.

Colie said...

1. Literarygirl hit it on the head - when others are late. It drives me nuts when it's their choice. I understand the occassional mishap - it's the constant. And yes, sleep deprived. Um ... to add to that when a parent is yelling at their child in public. I don't mean disciplining - I mean yelling - disrespect.

2. Fish - I don't like tons of it but BBQed Steelhead - Randy's specialty.

JustMe said...

1. Fathers who are late to/from visitation; tailgaters; people who play favorites with my children; standing in line behind people who selfishly take up everyone's time over trivial matters. (Do I have to stop? Cuz I could add 200 more...PMS! Running out of gas!...)

2. Lots of the stronger flavors appeal to me now: black pepper, onions, hot peppers, cilantro, etc.