Sunday, August 27, 2006

929 Minutes

929 Minutes - that's what the back cover of VERONICA MARS SEASON 2 declares its total running time is. That translates to about 15 and a half hours of television time. Which, upon doing the math, means Michele and I have spent 50% of our time from Friday night beginning at 6pm until midnight Saturday watching this addictive tv show. Oh, could I be judged for this one.... those that despise the "boob tube" would shake their head in shame toward us. But, oh how fun it was!!!! Lisa and Stephie joined us for the first 12 episode marathon (actually we joined Stephie as it was at her house) - throw KFC (my favorite food), fountain pops, lots of candy and popcorn into the mix- and yes, it was everything I had hoped it would be. The rest of the viewing was just with Michele - cuddled on Mikayla's bed watching it from the laptop while the kids happily played yesterday. The final episodes were viewed after going on the lake last night. When the finale was over, we hit the gag reel, and the "A Day in the Life" reel - it was hard to accept reality that our journey was over.

Two things offer hope now that our fun is exhausted - one, Steph and Lisa still need to view the last half, and we can re-watch with them. Two, Season 3 beings on October 3rd. After catching up with two seasons of this series within the last month - it will be a little torturous to have to go back to the "old fashioned way" of watching one episode per week. Oh well, I'll be there.


Colie said...

You two make me laugh! That is pretty much all I have to say. Oh, except, I love how your family likes KFC. I do too but not Randy:(. It's sad!

chele said...

First of all - I want it to be known that Michael is currently hunting for a week and a half -providing me with "girlfriend time" with no guilt.
When Steph and I hang together throughout the summer, tv is not generally the drawing factor. On other occasions - I often snag a favorite book and we enjoy cozy down time together with various activities.
However, about 6 weeks ago, our friend Jodi, mentioned that she had just started watching this great series about a modern Nancy Drew in a southern California fictional town and the trials she works through in very cleverly trying to right wrongs in her dysfunctional high school as well as her own life.
Okay - we can all recognize from that description that most certainly the target audience is the 12-21 age range and not the "soccer mom" of 34. But, I just like to chalk it up to research for working with high schoolers in our youth group.... that most certainly justifies a 15 hour marathon with my best friend over the last few days.
What fun! Even us 34 year olds love to act like teenagers on occasion too.... :)

HollieHobbie said...

I think you guys have me intrigued! Two Summers ago I borrowed Jodi's Season 1 of OC and also watched the re-runs of Season 2 so I could be caught up for Season 3. Plus, I got caught up on Lost and Desperate Housewives that same Summer. It was a crazy season of tv.
Looks like I need to get into Veronica Mars now.....But man, it is starting Season 3??? That is 2 seasons that I need to get.hmmmmm

chele said...

Same place we were in 8 weeks ago, Hollie - it's totally do-able and totally worth it - I actually thought of you writing this post thinking you really need to get hooked - you would love the wit and sarcasm on this show!

chele said...

woops, Steph wrote that, not Chele

stephietoo said...

I would have loved to have joined you for the rest of the viewing pleasure, but my mom's birthday and brother's birthday were yesterday, so I spent the first half of the day sleeping (catching up from what I lost the night before), and the second half of the day having dinner and going through old pictures from my parent's childhood. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks for leaving me the disk that I did not get to finish because I took my dog (against his will) to bed at around 1:30 in the morning. I can't wait to see the rest of the shows. I will chat with yoou about it on Tuesday when I come pick Bogey up from your house.

Love you guys, and I love Veronica Mars!