Monday, August 28, 2006

Brayden's Baptism

About a month ago, Brayden randomly brought up his desire to be baptized. It was a tender moment for him, full of deep thoughts and pondering - which isn't exactly what comes first to mind when you think about Brayden's personality. We felt the time was right - and what do you know, the very next day at church there was a sign-up opportunity for those interested in being baptized. John attended the two mandatory classes with Brayden and it verified that yes, indeed, Brayden was ready to make a public commitment in his belief of Jesus Christ and desire to follow Him through his life. John was thrilled that the pastors allowed him to be the one to immerse Brayden. This Sunday was the day, it was our church's annual outdoor service and baptism ceremony following at the Camp Harlow pool. It was a gorgeous, albeit very hot day - in fact I think there would have been many willing to trade places with John just to have the opportunity to be in the pool. This is huge step in Brayden's life, we are so very proud of him.

Next up, Miss Mikayla.....a few years down the line. However, the first lesson she might need to learn is simply the pronunciation of the word baptism. When trying to explain what Brayden had done to Cousin Ellie, she referred to the experience as "Bath-tism". I kind of get the confusion..... too funny.

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HollieHobbie said...

Way to go, Brayden! I am so proud of you. And a little choked up as I read what your Mom wrote. I cannot think of anyone any better or more proud than your Dad to have immersed you. What an incredibly special moment for Dad and Son. I love the pics and the smiles that are so wide and sincere on your faces.