Monday, August 28, 2006


First of all, as a point of reference - this week is like "Camp Schilling/Riley" - it's the last week before school, Michele is down and we are loading it full of fun. Therefore, expect a lot of pictures and kid stories and feel free to skip the blog until the middle of next week!

That being said, today was "horsie day". We went out to Mom and Dad's and introduced the kids to Jubilee. Jubilee is a femaile Belgian Arab cross who is seven and VERY SWEET. All of the kids took turns brushing Jubilee and then took turns riding. They all did amazing. It was a very special and rewarding experience for all of us - and I think, especially, Mom. Not to be biased, but Brayden seems to be most "at ease" on the horse - it will be fun to explore this hobby as the years progress-

Thanks so much Mom - and Jubilee!

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