Sunday, March 01, 2015

Finishing Off February

Brayden's last Friday of February was a no-school day for Marist, so I sweet-talked him into being Whitley's soccer "coach" at her morning class.  He then asked if we could bring his BFF, Ashton, along - and my answer was "YES, OF COURSE, YES PLEASE!!!!"  I love Ashton - she is such a sweetheart, such a positive force in Brayden's life - and seems to get a kick out of our crazy family, which is always a plus!  

Even though she has her license, we went ahead and picked her up out in Coburg and then I sent them on to the field with Whitley.  They were so patient and interactive with her, but the only bummer was that Whitley was used to her Aunt Stephie doing all these things with her and wanting me on the field too.  What?  I'm RETIRED for the day, Whit!!!  I was actually wanting to sit back and read or something silly like that!

They'd definitely earned a free lunch after that - so we joined up with Christi and Elsie at Dickie Jo's/Yo's.  Obviously, Whitley enjoyed the chocolate fro yo (based on her brown smile) a lot!  =)

Later that afternoon, we headed over to the Whites for a fun hang out with them.

Then, the next day, Mikayla and I took advantage of the glorious sunshine and drove the back roads up to the Schillings.  Shortly after arriving, Michele and I took a brisk walk together and further soaked the rare Februrary Vitamin D in.

The reason for the family location split was for Brayden to be able to finish off his Indoor Lacrosse Season in town on Sunday, and for Mikayla to be able to be at her Webfoot Power League Tournament in Salem on Sunday.   It was a much longer day of volleyball than lacrosse, but the weather was divine, and the location was within walking distance of Fred Meyer and Dutch Bros so I took advantage of some of the free time to do a little wandering. 

I got a kick when I checked my kids' Snapchat accounts that they had both, unbeknownst to each other posted similar pictures of their times with us.  Too cute - and something I will take and savor any day that they care to even share our experiences with them on their Social Media accounts.  Brayden and John had had a really good weekend together - had put in some hard work on the lawn and then enjoyed a viewing of "American Sniper" - while Mikayla and I just kicked with my sis and her cousins. 

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