Saturday, March 28, 2015

Serving for Spring Break

While today may have looked like this- with 100% chance of rain and high wind warning-

There looks to be a lot of promise for what the end of the week will turn in to around here. =)  I hope it turns out to at least get close to that...

Not only am I just personally hoping for sunshine, but with Spring Break Camp happening at Harlow this week, it would definitely be advantageous for those kiddos (and the staff) to keep those kids happy outside!

And speaking of staff...Michele and I now have all five of our kids serving out there.  Nati, Brayden, and Traig are all legit counselors, and Mikayla and Ellie are assisting through the program with the Middle School group. 

The bigger kids all stayed the week out at Harlow, while Ellie and Mikayla were dropped off and picked up each day. 

Brayden's role this week was a little unique.  He was paired with just one other camper who is autistic, and while capable of hearing and accepting direction, he does not speak himself.  Brayden enjoyed the experience immensely - though, by Tuesday afternoon he'd already been a passenger on the Camp Harlow train 22 times!

I'm so thankful that Danielle is Women's dean again.  All of our girls have such a great relationship with her and so is so gifted to love on the gals serving out there. 

You know Traig's in his "Happy Place" when he actually poses (with a sibling!) to take pictures. 

This was Ellie's first year - and pics like these two made us feel like it was successful indeed for her!

It was no secret to anyone that Mikayla got the raw end of the deal when it came to counselor pairing.  The gal she was put with had counseled many years ago and did not enjoy it, but thought she'd give it another try after a lengthy absence.  Yeah, her feelings didn't change.  So, Mikayla actually got to step up and take on more responsibility with her group of kids -

I love this selie Nati (Jump Rope) and Mikayla (Koala) took together.

It was much better than the selfie Brayden and I took on one of the mornings I delivered coffee. 

We took a pic of all five of the kids' lanyards.  Brayden didn't take an individual pic with his camper...

It was a wonderful week for all of them, all things considered.  For Brayden, in particular, it seemed to really encourage his perspective and attitude on life.  Ah Harlow, we love you.  Not too long until summer camps begin!

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