Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pizza and the Science Factory

Lately, Whitley's new hobby has been photography.  Particularly with my cell phone.  Actually, we are able to come up with some use-able shots from her, but its among literally hundreds of pics that accumulate on my phone.  (Thank you, I-Phone, for that rapid shot seconds, so many pics tally up!).  

She did manage, on this day and visit to Christi and Elsie's to get a shot of Christi and I - and then she made up for cutting Elsie out of it by taking some close-ups of her.  

As fun as that was, we were ready to get them out of the house - so we ended up dining at the Papa's Pizza on the other side of the town - a new indoor play area for the girls to explore.  They did indeed love the foam lined tunnels (Whitley could have done without the shark pictures all around...they were scary!) - but it was this little interaction that inspired us to use the I-Phone camera.  So cute!

The next day, we ventured to the Eugene Science Factory - located right next to Autzen Stadium.  This is definitely the least impressive "interactive learning place" we've visited, but the intent of this visit was really to sign up for membership, and by doing this get free entrance into all of the other learning places across Oregon - and hundreds of other places in the U.S.  It's a great deal.  

The girls were about as impressed as I thought they'd be.  They do have a cool little-ones play area with a pirate ship, legos and blocks to sort, and a train table - but the science stuff was definitely above them.  They were intrigued to watch, and toss marbles down the gravity cyclone, or watch the balls come down the contraptions, but it definitely wasn't the imaginative-pretend kind of play at other locations.  

While they wouldn't consider this their FAVORITE place, they did have fun - but, you'd never know by these two pictures.  They CRACKED US UP.  The expressions were a result of us making them stop, pose, and smile - not because they were really unhappy with the experience!

Ah, that look of disgust!  Much better than a cheesy smile anyday - so much more fun and memorable!!

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