Thursday, March 12, 2015

Future Pro-Bowlers

Mikayla and Christi did me a huge favor by watching out for Whitley (Elsie helped too!), while I went out to see my mom for the first time in forever.  (A good thing meaning I hadn't needed emergency headache treatment, but not so good when I miss her and and was overdue for maintenance work).   Mikayla took this while she was helping watch the girls at Christi's house...

So, after I returned, I suggested we try our hand at bowling with the girls.  They had shown interest when we'd gone for John's birthday, and I thought if we found a place with a ramp that they could push the ball down, they might really get into it.  Strike City had these options, so we went there.  We were surprised that the girls were required to wear rental shoes as size 7, they fit Whitley close enough (in this pic), but Elsie had to wear hers over the moccasins she was already wearing.

If we were to do it again, I wouldn't have us bowl.  That kind of interrupted the flow and attention span of the girls.  But, sometimes, all we are looking for is time-killers with these two - so this fit the bill.  =)

The gave us a 7 pound ball to work with.  Just for perspective, Elsie weighs a mere 19 pounds, and Whitley is twice her weight at 38 pounds.  Little Elsie was doing great just to hold on to this thing!

But, she was very determined!

These two together....such crack-ups!

 Whitley, not surprisingly, wanted to do it "all by herself". 

Love these smiles of achievement!
Right down the middle, Elsie!

Just so you know, Whitley wasn't throwing a tantrum - the girls were just doing their own thing while Mikayla tried to take her turn!

Way to get her done, Elsie!

I love this quick hug!  And, it was timed well as Elsie succeeded in getting the first spare between the two of them!

Maybe we should have brought Whitley's pillow and blankie....

Adjacent to the bowling alley, is a putt putt course, lazer tag, arcade, pizza place, and indoor playground.  We thought we'd get the girls good and tired before naptime, so we headed over there for lunch and play.  

Our little wanderer saw this as we walked in, so she had to return and check out what all the bright lights were about.  

I'm pretty sure that both Christi and I were able to report solid naps that afternoon, so I think our attempts to wear them out were successful.  :)

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