Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Many Antics of Whitley

There are numerous occasions that pictures get taken that end up on my phone without a real blog post to write about.  So this is the blog post of some of the silly that takes place- here, there, and everywhere when Whitley's involved.


These were taken at Brayden's root canal appointment.  Steph was actually meeting me here, to pick her up early for actually Whitley's own doctor check-up appointment - so I didn't feel like the wait would be too daunting.  But, she gave me a run for my money as she brought water in a cup out from the bathroom and a free toothbrush they offered and tried to clean the coffee table glass.  And, then, that space where the magazines sit underneath that table?  Oh, perfect to crawl beneath and stare up through the glass.  It was all fun and games until another patient arrived to share the waiting room.  Time to step it up, Whit!

She gave me some sweet poses at this point.  

Pretty sure this was taken at Mikayla's school as we waited to pick her up to take her to an appointment.  Nice shades, Whitley.  =)


What a goofball.  She much prefers to take baths with me, and not just alone.  The other day she got a hold of my phone just as I was getting out and took a pic.  Oh DEAR ME.  Let's just say I'm glad she doesn't know how to post to Social Media.  Mortifying and quickly and absolutely deleted.  

This robe she's wearing is actually Mikayla's old one, but it is WHITLEY'S now, and she insists upon wearing it for at least a half hour after every bath time.  (Don't you love those natural curls?!)


Not much to say other than she's very enthusiastic and getting more and more skilled with her kick.  Occasionally she'll give hugs to fellow campers - and is always quick with the high fives to the coaches.  


This pic illustrates that there's no such thing as just "laying around with Whitley" (except during designated nap time).  She won't allow it - even on this day where I just wanted a few minutes to lay on her lap and watch "Curious George" with her...

We got this grocery cart on clearance at Kohls for like $7.50!  What a steal.  I think, though, of even more significance to her than the cart, plastic food, and mini shopping bag was the old wallet I gave her...."All for me?"

Some days - there's just no explanation.  Recently, that coffee table was found (actually, on the infamous Target day) with Mikayla's night-before-Frapacinno poured in all the panes and filling up the now-disposed-of Yankee candle.  I wasn't a big fan of the smell anyway, Whitley.  And, let's not even begin to talk about her antics with Sharpies.... =(

Recently, the biggest laugh has come in her pursuit to rid the house of any unwanted insects - particularly the horrid house flies that are my sunshine-weather nemesis.  She actually has a phobia now of insects, not sure what started that, but her obsession in getting the buzzer killed offsets most of the fear.  Twice now, we've been able to trap one in the bathroom and she'll clutch my backside and hide behind me- only to peek out to point where it's at and if it's landed.  Then, she'll rely on me to crush it.  In the last occasion, she got the opportunity to be the one to flush it down the toilet.  She's then quick to announce to everyone that we GOT IT!  (And give details...)  She also likes to be armed with the fly swatter - something that makes me kind of cringe in grossness - so I try to keep it very clean!


Isn't she an angel?  Not much to say other than we have a very precise routine we follow which involves a specific arsenal of animals and dolls, her own blankie, her own Rudolph pillow, my Kindle set to a specific "Waterfall" sound effect, an Essential Oils diffuser with a certain light up color (that she gets to pick each day) that gives us the sweet smells of orange, cinnamon, and Thieves (trying to keep us healthy!), and OF COURSE, me by her side....

Yes, I nap with her.  I usually last about half of the nap these days before "nature's call" mandates I wake up - which is good because those long naps kill my nighttime schedule.  But, seriously, how could you not just curl up with this little girl and savor every little touch.  Obviously, I was awake when I took this next picture, it just looked creepy if I kept my eyes open...but, that little hand, there was no staging that.  That sort of thing happens a lot.  In fact, she'll frequently fall asleep with her face right next to and facing mine, trying to share the same pillow.  It may not sound that comfortable, but her sweet little touch and the routine of it all, and just the sheer's such a "good feelings" kind of release....   (And, as a sidenote, it's such a victorious thing to now have naptimes be so smooth and easy - as that was the hardest thing I faced in the early days of watching Whitley....)


She's ready to grace the park with her presence.  It's been a couple of times now, when we've been walking and she sees the park at a distance from her stroller that she'll shout out (from half a block away) to the other kids:  "Hey guys, I'M COMING!  We can play now!!!  I'M HERE NOW GUYS!!!"
She's a swing lover again (we had a stretch there where it scared her).  She could spend a straight half hour just swinging. 

And smiling...especially when you grab her feet or thighs and tickle....

She's pretty loud and boisterous, but very friendly at the Gateway Play Area.

And, CONFIDENT AND TALENTED....its obviously not a big deal for her at all to pause her play and just break into song - with such a pose that says she is born to do this sort of thing.  I wish I had able to get it from the start (I was only able to record the second half), and could zero in on more of her voice over the other playful kid squeals...but it was awesome!

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