Monday, March 02, 2015

Pool Time with "Grandma Alexander"

Obviously, this first picture isn't at the pool.  But, it was significant for me to take because it marked a day in which I was actually successful in a grocery store with Whitley.  I've said it before, but Whitley + Shopping = Disaster.  She's just not into being confined to a cart, and loves the games of "Hide and Seek" underneath clothing racks, or "Load the Cart" where she pulls items off the shelves and fills it up.  Generally speaking, not a very smart undertaking on my part.  However, Walmart SuperCenter has some specialty items you can't find other places and its on the side of town where the pool is located, so I gave it a try.  And, this time - we had success!  It was actually one of those occasions where I was totally patting myself on the back in how much more laid back of a mom I am at age 42, versus always in a hurry with my own kids back in the day.  I had bribed Whitley with a visit to see the fish (on the side of the store where the dog food and cosmetics I needed were located), and had kept her captivated by things hanging from the ceiling - it was just good!  

And, then, as I was about half-way to the pool, this "full of herself" mom realized she'd left her purse in the kid-shopping cart in the parking lot.   I don't know about you, but losing your purse is one of those gut-sinking feelings.  And, at a Walmart parking lot, no less.  But, again, still being in an upbeat and optimistic mood, I refused to panic - and proceeded on to the pool, so I could ask Mom (who was meeting me there) to return to the store with me, and wait in the car while I checked to see if it was turned in to customer service.

As we approached, I spotted the cart still there, but not the purse - and parked next to it, a rather unkept vehicle, with a vagabond looking guy in the passenger seat.  Yes, I'll admit it.  I turned to my mom and said, "This doesn't look promising, but I know I shouldn't judge".  And, I got out of the vehicle and as I walked by, the gentleman leaned out the window and asked if I was missing a purse.  I said yes, and he followed by informing me that his brother had just gone in to turn it in.  

Not a dime was taken.  I wish I'd been able to see the actual guy to thank him, but as I returned to my car, I thanked his brother again about how much he blessed my day.  And, yes, big lesson learned in regards to judging a book by its cover. 

We did make it back to the pool and gave Whitley plenty of time to splash and play.  Mom loved the opportunity to be there watching Whitley so happy - and  it actually provided the two of us some very quality chat time.   We'll definitely be making it happen again.

I was so wishing that Mom had turned the same direction to head home that we did.  Because, as we drove around this corner next to a barn, we saw 7 deer grazing in the field.  I pulled over and rolled the window down for Whitley to peer out, but, of course, she wanted to get closer.   It definitely fit into the "Live in the Moment" lessons God seemed to be teaching me all day, so I let her out and get as close as the deer allowed her to get before they bounded to the edge of the field and each elegantly leapt over the fence. 

It was definitely a morning of God-inspired surprises...

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