Monday, March 16, 2015

Three Full Days

With Whitley off in Sunriver with Travis and Stephanie on Friday, Mikayla and I decided to take advantage of both of our days off by heading up to Michele's Thursday night and then off to the Woodburn Outlets bright and early on Friday morning.

We actually had a purpose this time.  May 1st, the day we leave for Disneyworld, is now right around the corner, and we had some hot-weather wear to purchase.  Particularly an item or 2 from the Disney Store (to pick out the Mickey Mouse t-shirt John promised to wear when we all don them on our first day in the Magic Kingdom). 

Mikayla was delighted they now have a Starbucks on site for her to get her "Cotton Candy Frappacino".  We took a selfie while we waited. 

We walked away with quite a haul - having spent most of the day there and then having moved on to Old Navy and Target.  Unfortunately, one of our bags got left in one of the restrooms - we were super thankful it had already been found and handed off to Customer Service at the Woodburn Outlets by the time we realized back at Michele's house.

On Saturday, we treated the girls to a showing of "Cinderella" at the Independence Theater.   It was outstanding.  Even though I know the story from start to finish, I still had chills at the end.  So sweet!

Finally, the weekend concluded on Sunday with a tournament up in downtown Portland.  We had to wake up at 5am to get there - and I was so glad I had GPS to rely upon, as it was dark and raining hard.  I'm not a fan of big city driving, by any stretch of the imagination.  Throw in being redirected to a claustrophobic parking garage a block away, charged $10, and then treated like lower class as we entered the very high-class Multnomah Athletic Club, I was not a happy camper.

But, the girls weren't phased - and they played some great volleyball that day.  

Mikayla played non-stop as the other libero on the other team was off playing in a soccer tournament.  I think she improves at every tournament I see - she isn't phased by a power server and seldom shanks them these days.  Way to go Mikayla!

I had to laugh because on Sunday, Mikayla was so worn out, that every time we got in the car, she was asleep within minutes.  On the way to the tournament.  On the way home - before stopping at Woodburn for the missing shopping bag.  And, then again, after we got back in the car after Woodburn.  I don't blame her - I would have been doing the same thing if given the option!

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