Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"But, That's Not What the Forecast Said"

I've been trying to get in as much exercise as I can, when I can, all things considered with Whitley and weather...  So, when the forecast for the day looked like the rain wouldn't arrive until the afternoon, I asked if Christi would be willing to do the long walk to Crescent Park with me.  We were going great until about 2/3rds of the way through - when we started feeling a few raindrops.  It was a toss up as to what to do.  With about 25 minutes already walked, and another 10 to go to the park, did we risk it getting worse and getting really stuck?  But, the girls really wanted to play (Whitley spoke on behalf of Elsie when asked), so we figured we weren't gonna melt and pressed on.

The rain did NOT let up.  It only got worse.  But, that didn't phase Elsie.  She was ready to not just swing, but simultaneously scoop sand....

We had to just laugh, and, of course, pose for selfies in the pouring down rain.  
While our weather this season has been a lot warmer than usual, this rainstorm did not fit that category, and it was getting cold.  Christi and I were not seeing it let up anytime soon, and were starting to brainstorm "Plan B" as to how to get home - because a 35 minute walk home in this was not sounding like a winning idea.   

Elsie was a super good sport about it, and only gave this look when I asked her to smile.  Mostly, this picture just illuminates HOW WET and rainy it was by the looks of the background.  We were taking refuge under a fir tree at this point.  

After Christi's call to her mom didn't get an answer, I called John to see if he'd come rescue us.  And, sure enough, as it was the time of his normal lunch hour, he was giddy about the opportunity.  (Something I love about him and am so different than him....he loves these spontaneous people encounters!)  So, about 10 minutes after this pic was taken, we loaded the Denali with two wet strollers, two wet toddlers, and two wet moms (obviously not Whitley's mom, but I'm still a mom!) and took the roads slow going home.  I think the girls thought it was a very awesome adventure.  And, because it's Christi, us moms thought it wasn't so bad either, particularly after getting the girls in a warm bath, and getting warm with chai teas ourselves as they played inside.

The thing about us, we just don't do "dull"!  =)

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