Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trials at Target

Look at these sweet little angels.  You'd never guess, at this point, just how crazy and out of control they'd caused our morning to be.  

It was supposed to be a "Hey, what do you think about swinging by Target together - and then maybe hitting up the Gateway Play Area?" adventure.  But, something was in these two's systems.  And, they let us know it.

Actually, we already knew Elsie's digestive tract was totally off by what they found when they woke her up that morning.  So, that was no good.  (But, she seemed to be feeling totally fine).  And, due to the crazy fun had on the previous Sunriver weekend, Whitley's sleep schedule was totally off.  She finally fell asleep at 11pm the night before  - so her reasoning was sleep deprivation.  With all of that pre-knowledge, Christi and I should have TOTALLY KNOWN BETTER.  But, we tried anyway.

You know it's bad when you resort to this:

Yes, that's our girls.  Pulling their Fisher Price Popcorn Poppers throughout the store.  Fortunately, it was early, and not very populated.  But, their (and mostly I mean Whitley) patience in the stroller lasted just past the accessories section (the first place you'll walk by....about 17 seconds), so we needed some other method to keep them occupied as we tried to collect the dozen or so items on our lists.  Crazy girls!  And yes, we did purchase them.  We figured it was the least we could for Target's troubles.

By the end of the Target trip and Gateway Play visit - shoving, spitting (like making the "raspberry noise" and getting everyone around wet with it), limbs all over each other...oh yeah, we had it all.   Good times.  Time outs.  Christi and I just found ourselves laughing at all.   But I bet, in years to come, these will be the sorts of days more fondly reminisced than even our most successful children's museum visits!

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