Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Soaking in the Sunshine

Tuesday kicked off with follow-up appointments to the dentist for both kids.  Each of them had some filling work that had to be repaired, and each, (a first for Mikayla), ended up getting the Nitrous gas to take the edge off of the procedures.  

It sounds like a hoot, and maybe, if I hadn't had to keep Whitley entertained during the 90 minute visit, I would have been a little more entertained by my children, but by the time we left, I was really ready to unload them to school due to their crazy antics.

En route, Brayden and Mikayla were comparing - in their loopy states - just how numb their mouths felt.

Mikayla:  "Brayden!  Brayden!  Brayden!  (Because he is seated in the same car and it takes yelling at him repeatedly)  Do I still have a tongue?  Because I can't feel it....I just want you to check.

Brayden:  "You know, it's a day like today when I wish I had a girlfriend - one that I was ready to break up with.  And, then, I'd break up with her, and if she got mad and slapped me across the face [because that always happens during a break-up], I wouldn't feel it at all and she'd get even more mad."

Funny, I know.  But, seriously, I needed some peace and quiet.  So, the first stop was Marist.  Perhaps if Brayden was more conscientious with his grades, I'd give him more leeway - but, that kid has NO cushion, so he gets no unplanned absences.  On a day like today, I was so thankful to repeat that mantra to him when he begged to stay home.

For Mikayla, on the other hand, she'd earned it.  Her mouth was still numb and with straight A's (that she maintains, not me - I'm a TOTAL hands-off parent with her, just as my parents were with Michele and I) - I felt like she'd earned the privilege to take off the rest of the day.  (This explains a bit as to why things with Brayden are challenging - I never expected to have to interfere or nag when it comes to academics...)

So, back to the day - and the title of the post.  It was a gorgeous day.  And, with that in mind, there was no way I'd be skipping out on the opportunity for a walk and to get Whitley to a park to play in the sunshine.  So, Mikayla and I took Whitley to Creekside Park.  And, she enjoyed it very much.  =)

I love my blond little girls....

An outsider would never guess these girls aren't actually related!

This is also "Magic Time" for our neighborhood - as its when the flowering plum trees turn their beautiful pink.  It showed up several weeks early this year, because we really didn't have a winter here - but, at this point, nobody's complaining.  

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