Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Return to Portland Children's Museum

Christi and I had been itching to see Kaela again and hear all about her wedding and honeymoon.  While we had hoped for an all-day outing, between Kaela's new job, Christi's work, and Whitley's Soccer class, we were a little limited in our options.  We finally just decided to show up a little late, as Kaela had to work in the morning anyway, and Elsie had a 15 month check-up.   Whitley and I killed a little time as we were waiting giving "Nelson", the notorious kitty cat that lives across the street a little love as he sauntered over to greet Whitley.  (We've been asked to house-sit, so Whitley definitely remembers him). 

Since we were limited on time, and entrance is now free for us, we opted to just repeat a visit to the Portland Children's Museum.  There were actually some new exhibits and places we didn't visit before, so it worked out.  This time around, we were able to visit the clay room without the girls actually realizing that there was clay that could be played with (and not just water to paint with).  We'll keep that ruse going as long as we can!

The newest exhibit was "Circus Themed".  Tons of fun stuff to be played with.  Whitley was most interested in selling tickets or putting together pretend hot dogs or ice cream cones.  Born seller, I guess.  

On a whim, I painted Whitley's face in the theater department.  Probably not my smartest choice, but it looks like it fits when she's playing "Vet". 

She couldn't wait to get into the water area (which we know is best left to the end).  So, finally we got there.  Whitley was well-behaved throughout the visit, but you could tell she was just "sleepy-out-of-it".  Elsie had slept most of the way up, but Whitley wanted none of that, and by the time we arrived, it was nearing on 1pm - the point in which she's almost always napping.  She did a little more "wandering" than usual - kind of in her own little world.  ;)

Yes, Elsie was there too!  As I'd taken so many photos on the last trip, I didn't feel as much need this time around.  

And, yes, we were all there too.  But, neither Christi or myself are fond of this pic at all, so I'm keeping it small on purpose.  (Mrs. Kaela Gilges, you look fabulous!). 

This was definitely much more of a sped-up visit than we prefer - anytime the driving amounts for more than the actual visit, it tends to feel that way.  But, it was definitely worth it, just to be able to catch up with our newly married friend (who's during fantastic, by the way - very happy with her wedding day and had a fabulous time on her honeymoon...not to mention loving married life!)

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