Friday, May 11, 2012

Nothin' But Sunshine

I know that I keep harping on this subject, but I figure if I've done a lot of complaining and pouting about lousy weather, then it is only fair that you hear me REJOICING over the sunshine.  Literally, I open the blinds, or pick up the paper on the front doorstep and automatically say "thank you" over and over to God for the beauty of the blue skies.  Even if it is only 42 degrees right now, I am ever so thankful - it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! (And supposed to warm up to 73 this afternoon and low 80's this weekend....with a great forecast for next week too....I couldn't be happier!)

Last night, when sitting with Stephie, Kaela, Heather, Elaina, and myself for Bible Study it became all too clear that my response to weather isn't completely "normal".  Elaina and I both admit to being very affected by the weather - as in, quoted by Elaina "ready to move somewhere else" - but, Heather, Steph and Kaela looked at us like, "really, it was a rough winter?  I didn't notice"....or "I like it".  I CAN NOT RELATE.  Next year, I will definitely be plugging in my glow light from January on as I can't do another three months like I did this year.  But, the hardship makes the overcoming that much more brilliant - and today I plan to celebrate by hiking Spencer's Butte with Steph Hoffman.  Hopefully, a picture to come of the three of us victoriously atop the butte (Syd, of course, will come too). 

(Instagram has it looking like it was hazy -  not so, it was gorgeous blue skies with a view of the Sisters Mountains and Mt. Bachelor)

I'm recognizing that as great as it is to be spending time with the "younger set" (college or post-college age), it is also good for me to make dates with those of my own age or place in life.  And, if I can double-duty that with some time outside, walking the river path or taking a hike, it's all that much more perfect.  I need the support for issues like kids, marriage, growing older, etc. that those that are 25 and under can't quite relate to.  If you can't tell, I'm pretty giddy in anticipation of my time with Steph.

Today is a day off for Cal Young Middle School so Brayden is opting to spend it at Gilham - helping the teachers.  What a great choice!  Unfortunately, the teachers he bonded most with when he was a student there have all moved on.  Ironically, his first grade teacher, Mr. Dees, called out my name upon seeing me yesterday at Costco.  Okay, first of all, happy he even acknowledged me, and that he knew my name was even better!  He immediately wanted to know how Brayden was doing (yes, he remembered his name too).  I gave him a few fun stories about him helping out at Harlow - and he just chuckled saying, "that sounds just like Brayden".  I get the feeling Brayden must have been one of his "faves".  For sure, Mr. Dees "got him" and enjoyed his "otter-personality"....wouldn't it be wonderful if he could just follow Brayden all the way through graduation being his personal teacher for every subject?!!!  When he worked at Gilham, we bonded over the Ducks and our Christian faith - and he shared with me yesterday that he and his wife now spend half of every year helping impoverished kids in Cambodia.  Sigh, I guess they need Mr. Dees more than Brayden does.  At any rate, that little exchange in the Costco parking lot put a smile on my face for quite a while.

And, speaking of teachers, I'll end this random post with a picture of what we put together for Mikayla's version of Mr. Dees - her current teacher Mrs. Fitzgerald whom I'm confident will be remembered as Mikayla's favorite.  This idea came from Pinterest, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

I didn't take a picture of what we gave Mikayla's student teacher - (oops) - we took one of the jars of homemade raspberry jam I just made and put a ribbon around it with a card that said, "I'm BERRY thankful you are my teacher".    It's teacher appreciation week and I thought we'd do a little something beyond flowers or gift cards.

Hope you are all looking forward to a fantastic weekend.  Special shout-outs to Sara - whose youngest had his last week of high school this week (and won all sorts of awards...way to go Jared) and to Tiffany who is now an "official teacher with her own classroom" - way to go ladies!!!


Neha said...

Some teachers do leave a permanent mark in your life and you remain indebted to them forever.

Love those gifting ideas. Very innovative and the teachers must have been super delighted!

sara said...

the weather affects me of the reasons I was so happy to get back to the south!! I need my sun!

Love the teacher cute.

thanks for the shout out. It was a great week and my heart, bursting with pride, out shown my sadness that he is graduating!! It was a special week for sure!