Saturday, May 19, 2012

GRRRRRRage Sale Day

It's been a long day.  But, it's ending well. 

This is what our garage looked like on Thursday.  Can you say overwhelming?  I sure could, and I did - again, and again, and again.  We all have our weaknesses, and while there might be things I can do when it comes to planning or organizing - this is NOT one of them.  I get paralyzed when it comes to garage sale prep - (much less moving....we don't ever intend to leave this house!).  

Because of the installation of the new HVAC system, we had to clean out our attic and that led to a whole lot of possessions being allocated for a future garage sale.  So much so, that we actually had to get a PODS unit and fill up our boat with the no longer wanted junk stuff.   As we would really like to NOT pay for additional storage each month and it is almost time to get that boat on the lake, it is now time to eradicate!

 So, at 4:45am, we awoke to have this area ready for 7am visitors.  Yes, that is the sun rising...

Brayden manned the entertainment table (at least for a while).  In the background, there's John's mom, giving us the prices on some of the antique items we no longer have use for - making sure we don't give a priceless possession away for a quarter!!!

Mikayla manned the refreshment stand.  Shockingly, she went through four 9x13 pans of them - selling them for $ .50 - $.75 depending on who asked the price.  =)  I'm glad we suggested doing this - it blessed some folks' day and made us some extra money!

The hours of operation for the garage sale were from 7am until 1pm - and beginning at 6:45, it was steady traffic until we cleared out the driveway to haul anything left to Goodwill at about 2:00.  Thank You Lord, there was very little left.  It was a very successful sales day and towards the end, because we knew we'd just be donating it anyway, hopefully we were able to bless some folks with arms laden with goods for practically nothing.  Despite that success, though - it will be many years before I ever desire to go through this again!

We had some incentive to get a nap in, and get the interior of the house looking as good as the garage now looks as our evening held some fun plans....much more fun than putting together a garage sale!

At our last bbq, Michael requested our "crew" set up another date bowling.  Tonight was the night.  Unfortunately, Kenjon couldn't make it, but we brought another friend named Drew in to fill his spot.  We also decided, upon gathering, that none of us were really in the mood to bowl, so we opted for some time playing basketball, Papa's Pizza, sports on tv, and homemade chocolate chip cookies instead.  Definitely much more fitting to my energy level!

Heather's not scared of dogs (much less Sydney) - nor was she really punching Michael in the face in the earlier pic.  We just happened to catch her in some peculiar poses.  Sydney was being very "moochy" for both attention and any food someone was eating tonight, so Heather was shying away from her.

Travis, on the other hand, will give Syd attention at any given moment.  (He's the reason she's on the couch in the first place). 

This is Drew.  We all know him best through his friendship with Kaela, so the rest of us were giving him the third degree in an effort to indoctrinate him into our "extended family" that love to hang out together.  (He passed the test...GREAT guy!).  In these next two pictures, Heather is confronting Drew.  She's been holding a grudge that at the Superbowl Party, where they hung out last, he was a fellow Patriot fan, but didn't offer his support to Heather when it felt like she was the only one rooting for them.  Of course, it was all in jest, but this second picture cracks me up as Heather is getting this burden off of her chest. 

While I'll admit, my normal nature after a day of forced people-interaction would be to retreat to the couch with my Kindle and just our family, but I'm SO GLAD we made this evening happen with everyone else.  LOVE these guys, and it's been too long since we've all hung out together.  Unlike the garage sale, hopefully, it won't take that long for THIS to happen again! 


sara said...

sounds like the perfect day....making money and then an evening with good friends!!! :)

I HATE garage sales and am to the point that I will just donate the stuff rather than save it for a sale. I haven't had one in about 5 years.

StephieAnne said...

We haven't thrown one for about that long for just that reason. But, there were so many things that just begged to be sold that we went ahead and did it. When all is said and done, I'm glad we did....but it will be a long time before I'll ever want to again.

(Michele is also throwing a garage sale at her home in June, so this was helpful to give her some tips on what worked and what didn' I can feel good about that too).