Friday, May 25, 2012

Surprise Lunch Date

See those big ol' smiles on our faces?  That's the two of us getting a lunch date on a weekday.  That NEVER happens.  But, this year, Tyson and Gjusta (the owners of Tyson Steele Marketing where John works) decided that the team should start Memorial Day weekend early.  Bless them!  So, a little after noon, John arrived home and shortly after we headed off to Johnny Oceans for lunch together.  The sun was shining, our three day (plus!) weekend had begun and we were dining in a great restaurant owned by a fantastic family from our church.  In fact, Shawn, the owner, has a daughter who was not only one of Brayden and Mikayla's favorite counselor out at Camp Harlow, but she also helped us coach our girls' volleyball team this last fall.  Her name is Micaela - and I'm super excited she will be out at Harlow again this year, working alongside Brayden and hopefully being the counselor in charge of Mikayla, Nati, Ellie, Christina, and Erica's cabin.  =)

The restaurant serves outstanding sandwiches with a Hawaiian theme - delicious food, with an outstanding outdoor view, and uplifting conversation with Shawn.

It all seems like such a simple thing to blog about, but the unexpected fun of it all turned into something that will really imprint into both of our memories. 

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