Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Gaggle of Giggling Girls

Yesterday, we had an impromptu gathering of girls from Mikayla's fourth grade class.  Mikayla had been wanting to bring these gals over, most of who play volleyball with her, to play on the court.  Mikayla's not much of a "one-on-one" playdate person, so it's great when we can do something like this and get a bunch of folks involved.  Surprisingly, we only put the word out the day before, so I was impressed that almost everyone could make it.

This first picture was taken out front after they were chasing our neighbor, Noah.  He's also in their class and had already stopped by to "crash the party", so they took revenge.  Lots of screams and running - sorry neighbors who had to listen....but all in good fun.  Noah is a great kid with a great family. 

I asked them to pose...I'm a little concerned with what Mikayla came up with....after seeing this I said, "Uh, Mikayla...this you know what the word 'provocative' means"?  She just looked up at me from the couch eating her pretzels and watching Disney channel and I said, "never mind".  The intent behind the pose just aint there, thank God!

They DID spend time on the court - but actually used it more for Four Square than anything else.  I guess if I want them to get some legitimate volleyball practice, I'll have to come out there to see it happen.  That's definitely not what yesterday was about though, it was just meant for the girls to have fun.  They were over for three hours and I didn't have to facilitate one argument and never heard once, "What do we do now?" or "I'm bored".  In fact, I hung clothes up in my bedroom for much of the time and ignored them outside of these few pics.  Now, that's a successful playdate!

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