Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

As it's probable I won't be seeing either one of you on this actual day of "Mother's Day", I just want to put a huge expression of thankfulness to both of the moms in my life - my mom, Sherry, and John's mom, Leona.

Mom, the older I get, the more I realize just how much I took for granted growing up.  Michele and I knew we had it good - for us, family has ALWAYS been the truest comfort zone, the place to come back to, where we felt safest, most at peace, and often happiest.  The more I grow up and encounter new people and their stories, the more I recognize that this is not a universal truth, and truly we are very blessed indeed to have that in our lives.  Even as we grew older and spread our wings in adventures, the "nest" was always waiting for us to return to.  Thank you mom for living your life in such a way to give us such security, confidence, and a sense of unconditional love.

And, Leona, how could I ever thank you enough for bringing life to this world to the man of my dreams?  (Literally).  I echo again that you were his safe place, to return to again and again through his exploits of mischief or hearts broken by those silly girls who let him go.  You gave him the foundation of knowing and understanding that a woman/mom should be treated with respect, love, and admiration.  Thank you - as not a day goes by that I'm not eternally grateful that God put your son into my life.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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Neha said...

A very sweet post!! Happy Mothers' Day to you too.

Love and hugs :)