Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Marvelous Mother's Day

I've been way too absent here on my blog.  It's been a bad headache week...I dealt with them over the weekend and due to some extra exertion exercising (try saying that five times fast!) - it turned into a major issue yesterday.  Fortunately, Mom was able to help me out - along with some Flexeril - a muscle relaxant which has me already desiring to go back to bed this morning.  It's unfortunate timing as I was supposed to be subbing at Yolanda today....hopefully getting a chance to say good-bye to some of those 5th graders I adore.  Sigh....getting tired of the headaches winning.

So, back to Sunday-

Here's how our day started: Special cards/gifts from our husbands and kids, Russian Tea at our sides, sunlight streaming in, and watching "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" at Michael and Michele's.  Yes, not a bad way at all to start the morning.

Then, it was off to a local park where the flowers were blooming in such a way to create a beautiful backdrop for a photo shoot.  No one was really in the mood, though - particularly Mikayla who acted like visiting the dentist would be more fun than this:

Next stop:  Woodburn Outlets.  We didn't spend a ton of time shopping, but enough to satisfy with some good enough deals....

Finally, our adventures ended at "Famous Daves" about 45 minutes further north.  That restaurant has so many different foods I enjoy - anything from their onion strings, to honey cornbread muffins, drunkin' apples - and of course bbq'd meat.  You walk away so stuffed, because you just can't stand to leave anything behind.  We were able to move outside to sit and enjoy the 80+ degree temps.  PERFECT!

Upon returning to the Schillings, we watched "Thor" (after seeing the "Avengers" the previous weekend, we were determined to catch up on a little bit of backstories of the key characters....Friday night we watched "Iron Man 2").  Then, our Riley family packed up and headed home.  It was a MARVELOUS MOTHER'S DAY!

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