Saturday, May 05, 2012

Twilight Meet and Super-Sized Moon

Do you hear that sigh of happiness? That's the sound of the contentment that comes from - at long last - having Michele and the kids down to visit.  As Ellie is famous for saying, "it's been TOOOOOOOO long!"

It's been a beautiful day here.  Not quite yet very warm...but that's about to come with temps predicted in the 70's tomorrow and through most of next week.  (Those of you living elsewhere in the US are thinking, "You call low 70's WARM?"....)  Praise the Lord!!!  It's truly starting to look and feel like summer could be on its way - especially with some fresh strawberries, corn on the cob and eating al fresco.

While the kids have spent most of the day outside and happily occupied, the Whites, John and Michael (Chase, that is - my bro-in-law will get here tomorrow) attended the Oregon Twilight Meet to root our own Heather Spinney on.

Once John was there, he was able to meet up with Kenjon - and then had a chance to meet this guy, LaMichael James, now an NFL player for the San Francisco 49'ers.

And, speaking of football players, this is D'Anthony Thomas, friend and fellow running back with Kenjon for the Ducks.  He anchored this relay and crossed the finish line first among all of their contenders.

And, Heather!!!!  She had another PR (just like her race last week).  So proud of her....she's feeling better and running faster than ever.  Next time, I need to see her in person!

And, this is Emily McMahon - another friend of ours.  She has recently had investigative surgery on her knee and look at her impressive! 

Finally, that infamous full moon that's been in the news.  Honestly, it was cool for the sake of getting the kids to walk around the block to look for a good view of it, but I don't think its the best I've ever seen.

Tomorrow, warmer temperatures, the family still around, and R&R.  Oh happy day!

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sara said...

at 70 degrees I wouldn't have minded that my A/C broke!! We hit 91 degrees today with high not wanting to know what our summer will be like. :(