Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Kau

Remember that bridal shower I hosted a few weeks back?  Well, the time has finally come for Miss Bobbi George to become Mrs. Bobbi Kau!  Hoo ray!!!!

The wedding was set at 2:00 pm up in Portland, so after arriving at the Schillings the night before, we left the kids with their cousins and set off north.  John and I were both in really good moods (the weather was spectacular) and it was so nice to just be able to chat with my best friend the way up and back - not to mention sit together in the chapel as we waited for it to start - recognizing by our body posture we were snuggling only taking up one and a half seats vs. the two we were supposed to. 

Becky was one of the bridesmaids - she looked STUNNING!

I love the expressions on these kids' faces...

Bobbi, with her mom and dad - so priceless!

Do you like Justin's shoes?  Courtesy of the UO Cheerleading dept.!

Justin is hugging Bobbi's mom, but he's only got eyes for this pic!

The reception was downstairs in the church's basement.  Instead of toasting with champagne or sparkling cider, they passed out "real sugar" Coca Cola bottles - the bride and groom's beverage of choice.

The cupcake (in lieu of wedding cake) table:

This happened when the maid of honor, Bethany, Bobbi's 16 year old sister, was supposed to give her toast.  She had written it out, however, when she went up to give the speech, she lost it crying so she ended up having her brother read it.  Given it was written from a girl's point of view (i.e. lamenting not sharing clothes anymore) it was quite a bittersweet funny moment hearing her words come out of her brother's mouth!

First dance (last three pics courtesy of Kaela - we left right before this began). 

Our date ended up at Willamette Valley Fruit Company east of Salem.  We had a Groupon for pies from there that was about to expire.  Given that they were giving out free pie slices to mothers on that Saturday, we figured it was a win-win stop.  John was very impressed with the business and I eagerly anticipate the day we'll cook up those freezer-bound marionberry and raspberry-rhubarb pies for celebratory consumption!!

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