Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Catching Up

Happy Tuesday.  I'm already leaning towards the weekend when the sun is supposed to shine again and I finally get to see Michele and her family.  It's been way TOO long.  We also get to see Mary Beth and Alex...but unfortunately the rest of the Riley clan will all be doing other things to prevent a full reunion.  

In the hurry to get everything ready for the very busy Saturday we had, I didn't record a few happenings from last week. 

First up - our "Thursday Night Ladies" (minus Stephie - and out-of-towners Courtney and Christi).  In celebration of Kimmie's birthday, we went to see "The Lucky One".  Hmmmm, very romantic.  There's definitely some steaminess...I mean the lead actress (Taylor Schilling) demonstrated quite the attraction to Zac Efron.  Must of just been those long eyelashes - because, really, he's not much for the eyes.  (Ha!!)  No, he demonstrated he's more than just good looks in his portrayal of such a conflicted, yet noble war veteran.  Definitely a GREAT chick flick...(but not necessarily "dating" flick....could get very awkward with that one scene in particular!) 

Next up, Friday, April 27th marked our 16th anniversary!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  We did practically nothing to honor it, other than just acknowledge to one another that it's not just this day that we recognize what we have in each other, but hopefully it's moment by moment through our lifetime together.  Special shout-outs to Mom and Dad and Leona for the beautiful cards we got from both of them.  We truly appreciate your sentiments and are so thankful that's what you see in us.

Friday also started off with a walk with a dear lady named Tammy.  I think the only time I've mentioned her in the blog is in two of the posts I've written about our Christmas-time Ladies Tea/Lunch.  This last year, she blew me away with her courage to step out in faith and share a devotional with all of us.  We are Facebook friends and finally decided about a month ago to schedule a time to go beyond that level of friendship to something deeper by going for a long walk together.  When I say long - it exceeded two hours of pounding the pavement along the river walk.  My legs were tired after all of that (and even moreso the next morning), but my spirit was absolutely revived by my time with her.  I love the experience of meeting someone you instantly click with and realizing every topic of conversation will spin naturally into the next after you spring into tangent after tangent.  Of course, I'm pretty sure I talked more than her, which I hope to remedy the next time we get together.   I totally forgot to take a picture of us, but did snap a picture of this crane that was right beside the path we walked on....

Now, on to Monday.  Bless Mom's heart, she was able to see me (as pre-arranged) on Monday, which was divine timing as the weekend really did a number on me.  Originally, she had hoped to have me take some pictures of her new horse, River, to compare to the original picture she had of her.  (She's put on some of the healthy weight she needs to since being with Mom).  Mom said to "try another day" because of the rain - but, as I was walking to my car, I noticed the rain had ceased for a moment and the horses were grazing close to the barn.  So, I grabbed the big camera and visited them.  They all came barreling over to visit with me - knowing for sure I'd bring treats as I ALWAYS do....except for that day.  Oops...they were very disappointed with me.  Sorry, girls, that I let you down.  Anyway, I took pics of all three.  The black one is named Holly, the white one is Celila, and the beautiful mix of the two colors (which matches my mom's hair color to a tee!) is River.  They are all mares - and enjoy each others' company a lot.  They are happy...I'd expect nothing less from living with my mom!

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