Friday, May 25, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger!

Honestly, I have no good excuses for my poor blogging behavior.  I have material I need to write about, I've had the time...just haven't had the motivation.  I'm gonna blame it on the rain that returned this week...

So, Memorial Day Weekend...we're here!!  That's often considered the unofficial start to summer, and my heart is soaring that I've gotten through that ugly portion of the year that I'm not a fan of.  Yesterday, I took down our UO Ducks flag outside the house and put up an American flag....and it will flap proudly in the wind until September.  Yeah Summer!!!

This week has had its ups and downs.  Recovering from headaches over the weekend on Monday was definitely a downer, but the second half of the week has been pain free - Hallelujah!

Last night we had a very poignant gathering of our "Thursday Night Ladies" group.   Many of the gals were struggling mightily with issues on their hearts and I feel like it's been a long time since we've been able to dive that deep and really be there for each other in prayer and support.  Of course, I wish they (we) didn't have to struggle, but I'm oh so thankful that our group (that's been less structured and dedicated in the last couple of months) are as tight as ever and faithful to bear one another's burdens.

Big three day weekend coming up and our plans are absolutely lackluster.  Any blockbuster agendas for y'all to report?  I'm just thankful that the sun is supposed to re-emerge and there won't be a garage sale taking place outside my door!!!

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