Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Excuse Me, Mam, Can I Ask You a Question?"

Last night the event for the middle school group at our church was "People Hunt". It's something that's probably done in lots of groups all over, but the first time for the middle schoolers. That's why Matt and Paula (the mid school pastor and his wife) took some careful time explaining how a group would go about approaching potential "disguised leaders" to ask them a question and get an answer so they could win. In this activity, there may or may not be mistakes made in identification, so it was important that the middle schoolers understood the proper way to conduct themselves when approaching the suspected individuals/strangers.

Kids then broke into groups and traveled to all sorts of destinations in Eugene - the Oakway mall, the Gateway mall, the new Cabella's, Valley River Center, Chuck E. Cheese trying to find their leaders in disguise. Do two of these three individuals look familiar? The one on the left is one of our Tuesday night ladies....looking much older, Kimmie. And, on the right, attempting to disguise her gender is Becky. How awesome that these mid school leaders took such an effort to go above and beyond for this event.

Below are two more adult leaders - COMPLETELY transformed from their normal appearance, and kind of scary!

I was impressed with Brayden, willing to participate in this activity without having any buddy to go with him. He thought it sounded like fun, so he went! Here's him with two of the 8th graders in his group, obviously not intimidated at all by them. Their group apparently did very well, and in fact finished with enough time to head on over to Dairy Queen. =)

Many thanks to all of the volunteers, leaders, and parents that made this happen - as well as Amy Fox who took the pictures I downloaded from Facebook.


sara said...

that sounds like so much fun!!! I love that idea!

Tiffany said...

How Cool Is THAT!!!! I have heard of this game, but not quite this way. I have heard it explained for young people to do to get familiar with roles in the church....finding the Pastor, finding the clerk, deacons, etc. BUT this is way cool...and way FUN!!:D

Family O'Foxes said...

Wow! I'm famous! I made your blog (or my pictures did). Hee hee!
My good friend was Brayden's driver. She said he did really well with all the 8th graders. :)