Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Whining to Inspiring

Happy Weekend.

Okay, I'm not trying to complain here - because compared to the flooding and tornadoes and hurricanes that have hit the midwest and the south, we are very blessed. However, it has been one of the coldest springs on record. Apparently, there's the La Nina, the Icelandic Volcano, and another climatic phenomenon combining to give us a triple threat of keeping us colder and drearier these days. We've had only 2 days above 70 degrees so far (Seattle has had none!) - and they are saying that they don't see it changing until July! UGHHHHH! This is very distressing to me as I am hugely impacted by the sunshine's presence this time of year. I'm kind of like a grizzly bear in that way - when its cold and dreary, I feel like hibernating - and I really need that sunshine to get a smile fixated on this face and give me energy. With all that said, though, I did get outside on the warmer Friday (about 15 degrees warmer than today) - and consequently, got a little "color" - not to mention Vitamin D. Too bad you won't be able to see it with the turtlenecks we'll be needing to wear according to the forecast for this coming week. least there's no concern (at all!) for drought this summer. When we do finally get the chance to get the boat out....the docks on the lakes we go to will all be floating high. Hopefully, that can happen before AUGUST!

Okay enough whining. Onto another subject - blog Georgia girlfriend, Tiffany, has begun a blog to chronicle her "SOAP"ing through the Gospels and is encouraging others to join along. Here's the link to that blog - super neat idea....

What else is new for me? Hmmmm - today I spent 7 hours in two different conference rooms at Camp Harlow and at our church. Right before Christmas, I was asked to be part of a team of seven who were recruited to prayerfully determine who will fill the two elder vacancy positions that are set to open up in September. (I guess the final determination will go to the congregation - we just decide on the two that are voted YAY or NAY for). It's been a very eye-opening experience for me, as well as humbling. Today was the interview process and watching the candidates sit there jointly with their wives - being grilled on very personal questions - well, it was very inspiring - as well as, challenging. Challenging in the idea that I really ought to step up my game, as it would not be fun to switch positions and have myself put under that scrutiny. (For the record, at this time, our church does not have females in the elder position - so I wouldn't end up in that position - nor would I want it!). The experience had also made me that much more thankful for my own hubby, for our relationship and partnership - and for the unique giftedness that each believer can "bring to the table" (and how trying to be someone you weren't made to be can be very unproductive to what God would want to do through you).

I think that's about it. Currently, Trav and Stephie are hanging out in our living room while we watch one of the few remaining "The Event" episodes that will be made. Another show that we've gotten hooked on that won't be coming back next season. Makes you almost want to give up on any drama "on-going" shows that premiere until you know it will last longer than a season. But, hey, "Chuck" is coming back for 13 more episodes in its final season...ah, "Chuck" (aka Zachary Levi - aka Flynn Ryder from "Tangled") - Congratulations!

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Tiffany said...

Don't feel so's been raining in south GA since early this morning.

Thanks so much for spreading the word on the bible study...I'm really enjoying it!:)