Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Friday!

I've been a really bad blogger lately. I'm sorry. I haven't had extraordinary circumstances to blog about, but really ought to do a better job keeping up. I guess that brings us back to some bullet points of the week:
  • We had a great time taking Leona out to dinner on Wednesday. So fun hearing about her adventures in the midwest.
  • Are you an "American Idol" follower? If so, how do you feel about the final two? I have to admit that these two are our personal favorites, so we couldn't be happier. My final pick would definitely have to be Scotty. Wouldn't that be fantastic if, in the finale, they brought that really young guy that was around in Hollywood, that Scotty felt bad for slighting? We also find it amusing that in Hollywood week during group forming, nobody wanted Scotty in their group....I bet they feel silly now.
  • There's talk among fellow bloggers of school already being out. We go all the way until June 16th. As I told Tiffany on Facebook, though, to be fair, it takes summer longer to arrive around here (weather-wise) and August and September are our best months, so I guess it's good we get out later, but return later. Brayden did figure out that this is their last 5 day week, though.
  • We found out we get to go to Sunriver for Memorial Day weekend, for no cost of lodging. Huge blessing - I can't wait to get the bikes over there and soak in some Central Oregon beauty.
  • I had another horrible heat-induced headache last night. Throwing up and everything... it was awful - I think it was a legitimate migraine as it had nothing to do with muscle ache or skeletal mis-alignment. I have an email out to my doctor to figure out if it has something to do with my medications, because this just won't do. When I was working out on the elliptical I literally had an icepack attached around my neck with a bandanna - so, it's kind of ridiculous that I still over-heated. This is all such a bummer as ironically, my neck issues are finally doing better (thank you Mom!).
  • Tomorrow is the Trinity Formal - for which we'll be doing the photography again. The weather looks like it will be cooperating - though there's a slight chance of rain. Could be better, but it could be a whole lot worse!
  • Finally, I have to direct you to this video. It's just the sort of happy thing to watch and maybe even get weepy too on a Friday!
Happy weekend everyone!


sara said...

Hey there!! I have been missing reading your blog and things have finally slowed down around here for me!!

My favs made it into the finals on Idol. I actually think Hailey was more professional and had a great voice but I did not like her personally....she seemed a bit arrogant to me.

I would love to see Lauran win..I like Scotty a lot but his eyebrow movements are just a bit cheesy for me!!

college is out here and Jared just has finals next week and he will be out. However, it is COLD and rainy here summer weather for us yet!!!

Jodi said...

Hey, we're in Sunriver next weekend too. We head over Thursday night. I can't wait!

Tiffany said...

Yes, we will be headlong back into the curriculi before you guys start back:(

I'm excited about seeing some of the photography you guys get tonight at the formal....exciting!

What a blessing to get to go to!!! whooohooo....

Have a blessed week and try not to stay gone so long.....

I'm going to be praying about those headaches; no fun!