Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaela and Happy Wedding Day Mr. and Mrs. Tepe!

First things first....this picture was taken Tuesday night outside the theater for "Water for Elephants". We were celebrating (early) Kaela's birthday, and that was her choice for the activity to do as a group. We actually had bbq'd earlier at my house, where we were able to gather everyone (although not simultaneously) - but we lost a few as we headed to the movie.

My thoughts on the movie- It was a beautiful movie in terms of cinematography - and I think the acting was spot on as well. (It's great to see Robert Pattison doing something other than be a brooding vampire - I really think he's got talent - and wow, Reese Witherspoon was so stunning especially when paired with the majestic circus animals). I did not read the book. Kaela had - and she said that, as expected, the movie left out a lot of details, but she was pleased enough. All this being said, I'd like to implore my mom - along with anyone else who is overly sensitive to animal cruelty, to think twice before going. Obviously, none of the animals really got hurt when filming the movie, but it was more than I was comfortable with. Sorry Dad - I know you loved the book and would love to have Mom accompany you to see it in the theater, but that's my recommendation.

Alright, on to Saturday - Kaela's actual birthday, and Joe and Kaitlyn's wedding day. We've known Joe and Kaitlyn ever since we've been on board with the college ministry. Nearly the entire time we've known them, they've been a couple. I like to describe them as being like "Truvia" - you know, the artificial sweetener that is supposedly 15 times sweeter than sugar? That's Joe and Kaitlyn - they are over-the-top "sweet" - as our pastor even said during the wedding, "I'm not sure I've met a couple more content to just stand and stare into each others' eyes" (or something like that).

They were married in an adorable little church in a town nearby - and even had a Model T to use to go off to the reception in.

This is Kaitlyn and her father coming down the aisle. Joe had not seen her yet - so watching him watching her was quite endearing. She wore this look all the way down the aisle - so enraptured by the gaze of her soon-to-be groom.

This picture/pose kind of says it all about how they feel about each other....

After the ceremony, Kaela and I got a picture together, proving that I was present to give her some love on her birthday. (By the way, all these pictures were taken by her)

Kaela also snapped a picture of the two of us. This was good as we bowed out of going to the reception, knowing that Michele had all 5 of the kids back at the house with her. Since the guest book was to be signed at the reception, we'll have to hope that Joe and Kaitlyn will be able to acknowledge our presence with this evidence! (Of course, there's also the gift we left for them too...)

These were taken at the reception - what a beautiful couple they are! Welcome to the world of being married, Joe and Kaitlyn - and enjoy that MONTH-LONG honeymoon in Hawaii!


Anonymous said...

We went to see Water for Elephants on Sunday. I agree with all of the positive things that you said about the movie. When Dad asked me how I liked it, I said that sometimes one emotion can overtake all others when watching a movie, and unfortunately, I was so filled with anger towards the owner of the circus, that I didn't register as much as probably I would have towards the sweet romance. Thanks for the heads up though. Mom

StephieAnne said...

Should have warned you earlier....