Friday, May 06, 2011

Quality Time with Quality Ladies

You know you've found a ministry you love when after being a part of it, you find yourself smiling all day long. That's how I've felt these last two days after hanging out with Katy and Danielle.

Today's date was watching this again:

with my dear friend, Katy:

She had told me that one of her heroes in life is Bethany Hamilton, but when I asked if she'd seen her movie yet, she confessed that she was waiting for it to hit the cheap theater as she's running a VERY tight budget these days in her attempts to save enough money to participate in Bob Tebow's mission organization to the Phillipines. So, I figured that would make a great date to take her out on - and was very happy to hear that she loved the movie too (having read and known a lot about the true story of Bethany). Unfortunately, we had little time to chat, but just hangin' together was fun.

Yesterday, I got to go along the city's "river walk" with this lovely lady, Danielle:

She's obviously a dog lover, and we both had to stop and ooh and ahh when we came across this little Yorkie puppy. Even Sydney was all wound up to play with him....I was worried if Sydney hopped too much, she'd squash this little guy.

Danielle is someone I've known about ever since being a part of the college ministry, but we've never hung out together...which is such a shame, as it's been a waste of delaying a wonderful friendship. I'm excited that she intends to make Eugene her probably she's definitely someone I'd love to "keep around" in my life.

Such amazing young women in my did I get so blessed?!

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