Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Nothing Short of Miraculous

Good morning - we are already at Wednesday - woo hoo! This weekend, John and I get to go on our own little 15th Anniversary Retreat to Sunriver....without the kids - so needless to say, I'm very much looking forward to Friday!

Yesterday was a very busy day. It started out with a heavy duty workout, proceeded to Mom's house, off to the school in the boondocks I taught at last week (for the afternoon only), then back to my house to prepare for a Bible Study bbq.

The day started out pretty and just got more beautiful in terms of weather. Major bonus. The workout was good, met a new friend, had fun chatting with Christy - but knew I had an issue going on when 15 minutes of 58 degree air blasted directly to my face en route to Mom's did NOTHING to eliminate the facial red blochiness that is indicative of over-heating. This is getting old. I've always struggled, but it must be one of those things that the older I get, the worse it gets. (Laura, drinking a G-2 each time has seemed to have helped last week... - thanks!) I guess I'm going to need to start just dousing my head with a water bottle while working out....

Anyway, despite Mom's incredible massage therapy, this over-heating leads to a different headache that is not related to my muscle tightness or misalignment. And, I've yet to find a medicine (even prescription) that makes a dent in it. While it wasn't the worst headache ever, it led to me being VERY cranky through the afternoon because I was just ticked that such a beautiful day and upcoming fun evening would be ruined by something so stupid.

It got worse by the time the girls arrived. In fact, I was sporting a baseball cap with an icepack underneath....exactly the attire I wanted to adorn when meeting a new gal, Susanna - a friend of Christi's. =( And, wouldn't you know it, but the whole gang was able to show up....incredible weather, incredible food, incredible company...and I was giving everyone a heads-up that "any moment now" I was going to have to bow out due to my hands shaking and needing to make a mad dash to throw up.

But, I felt okay enough to give eating outside a shot...Do I look a little green in this picture?

And, then, felt better as the meal transpired. I figured I'd make it through prayer requests, but even sustained past then. Unbelievable! It is extraordinarily rare that a headache would dissipate in the evening vs. get much worse, especially when medication isn't a key factor. The power of prayer...and God knew it was a day I was meant to be a part of. Getting to know Susanna, feeling the love and transparency of these (now) 9 women...Nothing short of miraculous.

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Tiffany said... are one STRONG lady:) I couldn't have handled it. I remember the morning I tried to work with a migraine, but was sent right out the door at one look from the principal. This was only a few short months ago. I cried all the way home {nothing new, I usually do cry when I'm sick}. By midday I was fine, thank goodness. I'm so glad you began to feel better as the evening progressed. This looks like a great group of ladies and I'm envious of such a group!:D